Let's create art together...

You may be sitting down, clutching that fantastic, new DSLR camera with great anticipation and finding yourself staring a hole into its cryptic manual. Perhaps you have been to a "workshop" at a camera store or a crowded photography course attended by dozens of people and you are still wondering why your shots aren't better than the ones taken with your previous point-and-shoot camera. 

Let Sactography help you. I provide private photography lessons for people new to DSLR cameras and wanting to take beautiful pictures without wasting any time. For the best learning experience, I train clients with their own personal camera and equipment so that they can be completely comfortable with their gear. At this time, I'm only providing lessons to residents around the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.


At the end of the very first lesson, you'll be able to express your creativity with impressive memories that you captured and created with your DSLR camera. Manuals and other classes will teach you how to use a DSLR camera; I will teach you how to create art. Find how easily you can grasp the complexities of DLSR and photography with Sactography.


Allow me to capture and frame your life...

I provide services for all types of photography needs. Whether you would like to capture wonderful memories of an important occasion or to frame an intimate day spent with your significant other, Sactography can help you achieve your goals.  At this time, I'm only providing photography sessions to residents around the greater Sacramento metropolitan area.
- Weddings
- Engagements
- Parties
- Portraits
- Special Events
- Landscape
- Architect
- Aerial
- And more...




Individually Tailored Services...

At Sactography, we tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and your goals. It will be our pleasure to provide a free estimate and to offer the best package and solution to bring your vision to life.

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